brightstars and Pinotage now has tumblr too <3

hey guys so we now have a tumblr site too fun fun fun ❤

still a little shaky with it so any advice is welcome ❤


MIA <3 i know but I am back now for good <3




Its been such a long time but I have something exciting coming up that I am working on… recently I have decided to study abroad after grad.but its been somewhat difficult to make a choice on the perfect institiution…so i am narrowing them down and then i am going to compare my top #3


Nine ; the movie…<3

I absolutely adore this movie,I love the 60’s Italian feel and my favorite part without a doubt must be where Kate performs *Cinema Italiano* Perfection!who knew she had a voice like that and she really dances like a professional ❤ watch it again ❤

we are all small town girls living in a beeg beeg world <3


Blackberry makes my world go round …<3

she’s standing on a thin line between giving up and seeing how much more she can take…<3…love…something we all search for our whole lifes…and even though sometimes it may hurt and disappoint you,in the end it’s all worth it..or so they say..I believe in Fairytale love stories…

and because I am Chuck Bass is not an answer… <3